Adriana Lestido

Adriana Lestido

by Christian Caujolle.
Photo Poche 107, Agence Vu Galerie.
Centre National de la Photographie. Paris, Francia 2006.

She does not conceive photography in any other way but a complement of her life, her criticism to society, her feminine condition in a machos’ country. At a slow rhythm, she organizes the projects that question deeply the world where she lives.

Whether it is the condition of women in prison or the relationship between mothers and daughters, Adriana Lestido uses mechanisms for questioning that which is routine in order to reveal what is real and asks photography for an analysis of the situations.

She achieves this by recording extreme, intense situations of the relations among individuals, that then she organizes as a story that will help describe a situation, to show what is at stake, to reveal the implications.

In black and white, with real humbleness regarding the subjects, she is deeply persuaded about the need of a documentary photograph hooked in the present. She is interested in developing those issues that could not be understood without its social dimension.

She globally questions the state of the world around those particular cases.

Being basically a witness, she doubts in images about the condition of a society to which she belongs, that she does not want to praise nor turn into a show, and she is interested in the daily life, not show-like, revealing its failures and imbalances.

She narrates, with visual simplicity, pains, difficulties, the cracks of a universe that follows a calm and alert pace.